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Mar 16 2015

Dr. Craig S. Kohler explains the need for porcelain veneer replacement and fields frequently asked questions about the process.

Feb 11 2015

Root planing and scaling (deep cleaning) is a way to remove tartar and plaque deposits at the gumline to prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Jan 13 2015

Dr. Craig S. Kohler offers restorative dental treatments that can rebuild tooth structure and strengthen the teeth after tooth enamel erosion occurs.

Dec 10 2014

Find out why routine dental exams and professional cleanings are so important to the beauty and health of your smile.

Nov 19 2014

Dr. Craig Kohler offers microscopic dentistry, which puts him in an elite group of worldwide dentists who perform these dental care treatments.

Nov 11 2014

If a gummy smile is causing you embarrassment, you may be a suitable laser gum reshaping candidate.

Oct 14 2014

Inlays and onlays are ideal dental restorations for serious tooth decay and injury, rebuilding more tooth structure than traditional fillings.

Jul 09 2014

Invisalign® offers teenage patients a number of advantages, including the ease of cleaning, the ease of removal, and the invisibility of the aligners.

Jun 08 2014

Zoom!® offers one of the most effective methods of teeth whitening. Learn how this popular cosmetic procedure works.

May 09 2014

Although it is often referred to as “sleep dentistry,” IV sedation dentistry doesn’t render you unconscious, though you may feel like you slept once it’s over.

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