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The ultimate treatment option in structural restoration.

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A discreet, effective orthodontic option for smile realignment.

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Cosmetic Dentist Chicago

Welcome to the dental practice of Craig S. Kohler, D.D.S. Dr. Kohler is a reputable general, restorative, and cosmetic dentist who has served the needs of Chicago-area patients for more than 30 years. With the support of his friendly, expertly-trained staff, Dr. Kohler utilizes innovative dental technologies to address a range of dental needs and concerns.

Your Safety and Satisfaction are Our Priorities

A portrait of Dr. Craig S. Kohler, long-time cosmetic and restorative dentist and dental instructor for more than 20 years.A conservative approach to treatment begins with a focus on preventive care and early detection of oral health issues to keep our patients' mouths healthy and functional. 

By thoroughly educating our patients, we strive to lay the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy habits. During an examination, we use video aides to show patients how their at-home oral hygiene routine may be lacking. By preventing the buildup of plaque and bacteria between your dental visits, you can greatly decrease your proclivity for tooth decay and cavities. 

We understand each patient has unique goals, and Dr. Kohler will work closely with you to create an individualized treatment plan designed to rejuvenate your bite and enhance your smile's natural beauty.

Expertise and Advanced Techniques

Dr. Kohler has served patients at our Wilmette location since 1981. He teaches and practices microaesthetic dentistry, an advanced technique that using a microscope and video monitor during treatment. Extreme magnification allows Dr. Kohler to screen for early signs of oral health problems that are invisible to the naked eye. In addition, it allows for precise adjustments to be made during treatments like filling application, dental bonding, and more.

This method is also very helpful to inform our patients of their condition. Patients are encouraged to follow along during their procedure, as Dr. Kohler uses an intraoral camera to display the mouth on a computer screen. Dr. Kohler takes the time to explain each available treatment option, using educational visual aides including iPads and videos to explain various procedures.

Relax Throughout Treatment

Our office fosters a calming, comfortable environment. We invite our patients to listen to their choice of music throughout treatment, providing a welcome distraction during each visit. A range of sedation options ensures our patients' complete relaxation and comfort. We understand many of our patients are hesitant to seek care due to anxiety and fear. In addition to relaxing dental phobics, sedation may be recommended if you have a sensitive gag reflex, suffer from a condition like arthritis, have neck or back problems, or are undergoing multiple procedures at once.

For light-level sedation, Dr. Kohler offers nitrous oxide. To induce a deeper sedative state, we are able to provide on-site IV sedation administered under the guidance of an anesthesia specialist. Even our injections are nearly painless. A  Single Tooth Anesthesia System™ provides targeted, immediate relief to individually-treated teeth. 

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From porcelain veneers and Invisalign® to dental implant restorations, we can restore your oral health and improve the natural brilliance of your smile. Please take the time to fill out our online form to schedule an appointment with us today.

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